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Program Areas


P2 is our core ethic. PPRC uses P2 to help businesses and organizations rethink their processes, equipment, and materials - achieving required performance while saving money and reducing environmental impact.

We recognize and value the different perspectives of diverse stakeholders and communities. PPRC fosters national, regional, and local partnerships and collaboration to engage more people in achieving their human health and environmental goals.



PPRC conducts pollution prevention assessments and training that raise awareness of a business’ environmental footprint, and potential solutions to environmental challenges.  PPRC is available to directly assist with implementation of selected improvement opportunities.

Current Projects

Spray Efficiency Trainings

These free trainings are available for painters and paint facilities to improve their technique and knowledge, reduce waste, minimize toxics exposure, and lower overall costs.

Man Airbrushing

EPA Safer Choice Programs

PPRC provides information and assistance for the EPA Safer Choice product certification program, including assistance to  product manufacturers to obtain the label, and informational videos on the importance of safer prroducts for cleaning  services and custodial. 

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Pollution Prevention (P2) Roundtables

Events that bring together hundreds of P2 technical assistance providers, green business programs, sustainability experts, and zero waste and pretreatment professionals working to reduce pollution.

Networking Event

Less Toxic Alternatives in Solvent Applications

PPRC has several projects and presentations 

demonstrating alternatives for some of the higher-toxicity solvents used in industry and the service sector. 

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Baseline Self Assessment for Metal Sectors

A self-assessment to help metal-related sectors establish a baseline, and recognize potential environmental improvements and best practices relating to chemicals used in operations.

Metal Tubes

Pollution Prevention & Zero Waste Technical Training for Tribes

Trainings tailored specifically to Tribal operations in Washington State to prevent pollution and reduce waste.


EcoBiz Certification Program

EcoBiz is a business certification program that recognizes businesses for adopting exceptional environmental business practices. 


Fats, Oils, and Grease  (FOG) Abatement Training

The Western States Alliance helps FOG professionals identify and implement best practices in FOG management.

Oil and Water

Oregon Metals Industry Roundtables

Oregon metal shops, finishers, and manufacturers are invited to join your peers in a series of free, voluntary, non-regulatory industry roundtables to identify, share, and get technical assistance for best practices in reducing chemical hazards. 

Electric Grinder

Less Toxic Auto Repair

PPRC provides a spectrum of resources, opportunities, and assistance to auto body and repair shops in the region. 

Car Service

Duwamish River Valley - Stormwater Outreach Project

Through a grant from the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund, PPRC is working with the Duwamish Valley Youth Corp and the City of Seattle, in stormwater outreach to the Duwamish community.


FOG Abatement Technical Training for Tribes

Trainings tailored specifically to Tribal operations in Washington State to reduce and prevent sewer system blockages and sanitary sewer overflows.

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Past Projects

Alternatives to n-Propyl Bromide in Cleaning Applications

An EPA Region 10 sponsored project, PPRC’s consultant worked with four companies to assist them in converting to safer alternatives to npropyl bromide (nPB).

industry machine

Boat Hull Maintenance Strategies to Minimize
Marine Pollution

A short introduction to antifouling paint additives, aquatic impacts, followed by several best practice factsheets and videos.

Sunset Sailboats

Pollution Prevention in Paint Stripping and Removal

A collection of resources and performance reports on paint stripper/remover formulations.


Waterborne Automotive Coatings

Information and resources on waterborne paint, a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based paint.

Car Painting

Safer Alternatives in the Garment Cleaning Industry

A selection of reports, resources, and a PPRC led webinar exploring safer alternatives in garment cleaning.

Ironed Blue Shirts

Pollution Prevention in Craft Brewing

Resources on implementing pollution prevention practices that can help breweries reduce costs and their effects on the environment.

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