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Oregon Metals Industry Roundtables

The Oregon DEQ and PPRC offered five Oregon Metals Industry Roundtables in 2022.   Oregon metal shops, metal finishers, painters, fabricators, and other metals related sectors were invited to join peers in a series of free, voluntary, non-regulatory industry roundtables to identify, share, and get technical assistance for best practices in reducing chemical hazards. The  recorded roundtable  presentations and networking events are available below.

Previous Roundtable Topics & Recordings

May 12, 2021

Safer Alternatives to Vapor Degreasing.  Presenter:  Katy Wolf, Ph.D

Industry Presentation:  Process Reduction of Zinc Reduces Stormwater Loading.  Presenter:  Scott Stewart, Blount International (Starts at 43:00 minutes) 

May 5, 2022

Building Your Toxcs Reduction Team, Part 2 Presentation Deck

Speakers and participants discussed the advantages and challenges vendors can pose in efforts to reduce workplace toxics.

Discussion Leaders/Presenters:
Katy Wolf, PhD
Amy Wentworth, Director of EHS, Pacific Seafood
Jill Tepe, PPRC Board of Directors

September 22, 2021

Getting the Most from your Toxic Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction (TUHWR) Plan.  Presenter:  Alex Bertolucci, Oregon DEQ  (Review of plan basics and benefits of updating. Interactive worksheets and examples provided).

Industry Presentation: Boeing Portland Toxic Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Journey.  Presenter:  John Rusoff, Boeing Portland.

June 25, 2022

Tools & Resources to Reduce Toxics 

Session Recording


Jill Tepe, PPRC Board of Directors
Michelle Gaither, PPRC

February 23, 2022

Building Your Toxics Reduction Team, Part 1 Presentation Deck | Session Recording

Marie Hagenlock, Gerber Gear (starts 11:33)
Maia Halverson, Green Drop Garage (starts 26:30)
Lisa Cox, Oregon DEQ (starts 38:45)
Ulises Piccini, TE Connectivity (starts 49:15)

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