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The Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) aims to reduce or prevent the generation of pollution at its source through the dissemination of reliable, impartial, high-quality technical information, training, and services.


Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, PPRC provides direct education and technical assistance to businesses, governments (local, state, and tribal), and P2 technical assistance providers (TAPs).

PPRC aims to:

  • Promote the use of less toxic chemical alternatives in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors;

  • Provide technical assistance through training and advisory capacities;

  • Provide current, high-quality P2 information to partners, small businesses, and industries;

  • Improve businesses’ bottom line through increased efficiency and reduced liability through pollution prevention;

  • Uphold trust by serving as a conduit between government agencies and facilitating collaboration; 

  • Prioritize communities of color that have historically faced challenges in our nation, such as socioeconomic and environmental disparities and inequity of services.


PPRC has established itself in the Northwest and nationally as an essential resource for pollution prevention. As a neutral force, PPRC educates its audiences, facilitates communication, and initiates progressive change.


PPRC is recognized for its technical expertise in solving problems that lead to a healthier and more sustainable environment, while helping businesses improve their economic performance.

Core to our values is the understanding that preventing pollution or waste is a far better approach than trying to clean it up after becoming an issue. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new approaches to solving problems, through opportunities such as green chemistry, safer chemical alternatives, resource efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions, green business certification and trainings, and holistic environmental assessments.

We work in the Pacific Northwest and nationally with many different partners and truly believe in the synergy that partnerships engender. Because we are not regulators, we are considered trusted brokers of information and resources for businesses in the region, and this trust helps assure our success.


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