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Baseline Self-Assessment for Metal Sectors

This self-assessment form may help metal-related sectors establish a current-state baseline, and also recognize potential environmental improvements and best practices relating to chemicals used in operations.   Sectors that can benefit from completing this intake include auto or auto body repair shops, and manufacturers that clean, machine, coat or paint, and/or plate or finish metals.

Metal Furnace

Responders will receive their completed intake answers via email, for use as a baseline, or current state. Responses are also confidentially submitted to us (the Pollution Prevention Resource Center, or PPRC), a non-regulatory non-profit that provides free environmental technical assistance to manufacturers.


Manufacturers may request a list of pollution prevention (P2) tips and best practices from PPRC, tailored to specific responses on the intake form.  Grant funding allows PRRC to provide this service for free!


PPRC will maintain full confidentiality of all responses received, and any recommendations provided. 



The order (and number) of questions is as follows.  Responders have the option to skip any sections that are not applicable.

  • General Information (9 questions)

  • Product, Part, and Equipment Cleaning (14 questions)

  • Paints and Coatings (Liquid) (21 questions)

  • Powder Coating (10 questions)

  • Metal Finishing (12 questions)

  • Metal Working Fluids (1 question)

  • Welding (1 question)

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