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PFAS Onboarding for P2 West 2023

In anticipation of P2 West, our strategic planning meeting to address PFAS contamination and prevention, we've assembled resources to prepare attendees. Unlike our past roundtables, this year's conference is intended to be a collaborative, group working environment. We encourage active participation and look forward to hearing everyone's ideas on this pressing issue.

If you're attending this event, please review the materials below:

1. Global PFAS Science Panel website, includes framework for identifying when a chemical may be considered non-essential from a societal point of view:

2. PFAS Environmental Sampling by the Centers for Disease Control:

3. Oregon ACWA PFAS presentation:

Oregon ACWA PFAS Activities
Download PDF • 350KB

4. Michigan PFAS presentation:

Michigan PFAS presentation
Download PDF • 1.50MB

5. Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance PFAS presentation:

MA OTA PFAS activities
Download PDF • 1.08MB

6. The latest version of the PFAS Strategic Plan, which is the spreadsheet we’ll use as we plan all together at the conference.

7. The current agenda for P2 West:

2023 P2 West Agenda.docx
Download PDF • 38KB


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