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Bid Solicitation

Project Overview:

The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention (PPRC) is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced software companies to provide commercial Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Data Management software for 56 jurisdictions that receive discharges of FOG from food service establishments (FSEs). PPRC seeks to procure 36 licenses by March 1st, 2024, 12 licenses by September 1st, 2024, and the final 12 by March 1st, 2025. The project primarily focuses on FOG abatement and emphasizes the importance of efficient data collection, analysis, and tracking to ensure the effectiveness of the FOG management program. The selected software will play a crucial role in automating data recording for grease interceptor maintenance, facilitating reporting by waste haulers, and ensuring seamless communication between stakeholders.


PPRC estimates that the number of food service establishments (FSEs) for each jurisdiction will range between 10 and 500.

The selected software(s) should possess the following key requirements:

Automated Data Recording and Reporting: The software must automatically record all necessary information for FSE name, contact information, and locations; FSE inspections; grease interceptor type, size, location, and maintenance; waste hauler name and registration status; pump out documentation for each FSE (i.e., hauler pump out manifests that show the date, volume, and disposal location); communications with the jurisdiction, FSEs, and haulers; and FSE compliance status. The software should allow for multiple FOG program staff to access the software; provide the ability of inspectors, FSEs and haulers to upload information via computers or remotely using mobile devices (i.e., mobile phones, tablets, laptops).

The software shall have the ability to track the locations of FOG-related blockages and sewer overflows that occur in the sanitary sewer system.

Real-time Reporting: The software shall have the ability to display a dashboard that indicates the compliance status of each FSE; generate real-time reports and/or emails that can be automatically sent to FSEs and haulers; and list of priority inspection locations to FOG inspectors based on FSE compliance status and FSEs that are near locations of grease blockages and sewer overflows.

Cost Reduction and FOG Program Effectiveness: The software should be able to provide, at a minimum, analytics that indicate over specified time periods the percentage of FSEs that have grease interceptors, the percentage FSEs in compliance, and the percentage of FSEs that receive reduced inspections leading to decreased personnel costs and improved efficiency.

Training Support: The software vendor should provide user training and enable efficient data input and tracking and analysis for jurisdictions. The software vendor should help the jurisdictions import existing data on FSEs, grease interceptors, and the locations of grease blockages and sanitary sewer overflows that occur in the sanitary sewer system; and provide training on uploading and storage of inspection grease interceptor maintenance information (i.e., inspection reports, photos, videos, pump out manifests); generating compliance reports and FSE notifications; and

Environmental Outcomes: The software should be able to generate data about the size of the grease interceptor and frequency of pump outs over time. This data will be used to estimate savings due to reduced FOG treatment and maintenance in the sewer conveyance system.

Proposal Submission:

Interested companies are invited to submit their detailed proposals, addressing the outlined requirements, by 5:00 pm (PST) of February 28, 2024. Proposals should be sent to Jean Waters at Late submissions will not be considered.

PPRC will consider multiple vendors or sole source vendor to fulfill this solicitation if the bids are of similar quality and price. If the vendor prefers to be the sole source for this solicitation, please consider submitting two bids; one for sole source and one as part of multiple vendors that would be used. If there is a maximum number of licenses that the vendor wants to supply at a lower rate, please specify that in the response to this solicitation. The bid shall include the cost per license for either scenario. If multiple vendors are used to fulfill this solicitation, the jurisdictions receiving the software will get a choice of which software to receive. PPRC will provide minimal support to jurisdictions regarding the collection, importing, and management of any data.

PPRC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to negotiate terms with the selected company. The contract will be awarded based on the proposal's merit, adherence to requirements, cost, and overall value to the wastewater pretreatment program.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this vital environmental initiative.

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