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P2 West 2022 Presentations

Presentations by Speaker:

Alicia Culver | Green Purchasing 101

Anca Enache | ESG and Small Businesses

Angel Contreras Cruz | Engaging the Hispanic Community through Safer Choice Webinars in Spanish

Ben Jarvis | 2023 & 2024 Region 10 Roundtable collaboration

Cheryle Faye Llanes | Pollution Prevention Measures for Food Manufacturers

Christy Chow | P2 Marketing and Outreach

David Widawsky | EPA's P2 Program

Donna Walden | P2 and the ESG Phenomenon

Ed Gonzalez | Welcome to P2 West

Emily Shelton | Eugene Bold Steps

Greg Lester | Metal Finishing P2 Checklist, Progressive Green Chemistry

Gregg Semler | InPipe Energy

Jacklyn Beebe | Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations for Businesses

Jo Fleming | Marketing P2 Assistance and Practices

Jon Vanyo | A Journey Towards Achieving Pollution Prevention Goals

Kayla Gacosta, Kristina Schmidt, & Nathan Rudolf | P2 Internships

Kendra Tyler, Lisa Cox, David Walla, & Roger McFadden | Safer Choice

Maria Corona | Engaging EJ Communities & CBOs

Michael Simpson | Using P2 to Grow New Leaders

Michelle Gaither & Ken Grimm | Data Collection Devices for P2 Measurement and a Hotel P2 Assessment

Michelle Wilcox | EPA Columbia River Basin Restoration Program

Minal Mistry | Emerging Persistent Pollutants

Rebecca Taylor | Introduction to the P2 Hub

Stacey Foreman | City of Portland Sustainable Procurement Program


Facilitated Discussion Notes & Slides:

Environmental Justice Metrics Discussion Notes

Mad Tea Party Slides

World Cafe Discussion Slides

P2 West 2022 Video

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