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P2 West: Inspiration, Innovation, & Implementation 

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This annual conference is an EPA Region 9 and 10 Pollution Prevention Regional Roundtable partnership.  This premier event brings together hundreds of P2 technical assistance providers, green business programs, sustainability experts, and zero waste and pretreatment professionals working with small businesses and industry to reduce pollution.

The P2 West 2023 Roundtable included participants from EPA Regions 8, 9, and 10. The group came together to make a strategic plan on how to prevent PFAS in the region. See a copy of the strategic plan. The goal of this project is to leverage resources within the region. By working together and sharing expertise and resources, we will make a larger impact. 

While several tasks/workgroups were proposed, the goals of the workgroups need to align with the funded work of the members of the workgroups. As a result, there are four workgroups who have met. 

  • Goal 1. Task 1.3: PFAS Reduction in Specific Industrial Processes 

  • Goal 1. Task 1.5: Restaurants – Alternatives to PFAS Containing Packaging and Foodware 

  • Goal 2.1: Drinking Water Protection 

  • Goal 2.2: Wastewater 


For more information on these workgroups or to connect with them, please contact Jean Waters at 

Alaska Pollution Prevention Roundtable

AK P2 Roundtable.png

A virtual P2 roundtable event geared specifically towards the needs of Alaskan technical assistance providers, sustainability experts, and municipalities

More details coming soon!

Explore Past Roundtables

P2 Roundtable 2021 Proceedings:
Session 1:  October 20

David Widawsky – U.S. EPA Headquarters,  See Video

Tim Hamlin – U.S. EPA Region 9,  See Video

Jeff Scott – U.S. EPA Region 10,  See Video

Farrah Fatemi – Oregon Metro, P2 Projects Considering Environmental Justice (EJ):  Metro’s Toxics Reduction and Equity Study

Leigh Mante – U.S. EPA Office of Chemical Safety and P2,  P2 Projects Considering EJ:  A Case Study in Environmnetal Justice – TRI Facilities and Fence-Line Communities in EPA Region 10

Teague Powell (WADOE) & Treavor Peckham (KC),  P2 Projects Considering EJ:  From the Fence Line to the Assenbly Line

Theodore Higgins – City of Los Angeles,  P2 Projects Considering EJ:  Going Beyond Compliance/Offering Regulatory Assistance

Gail Suzuki-Jones – Hawaii DOE,  Pandemic, Sustainability & Healthy Buildings

Phillip Camp – HI.ARCH.Y LLP,  Healthy Buildings – Well in the Workplace

Session 2:  October 21

Michelle Gaither – PPRC,  Intro to PFAS Source Reduction

Simona Balan – California Dept of Toxic Substances Control,  Addressing PFASs at the Source – One at a Time or all at Once?

Caredwen Foley – Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance,  Partnerships for P2 – Working With Companies and Utilities for PFAS Source Reduction

Lisa Cox (ODEQ) & Brittney Wendell (PPRC),  Green Chemistry:  Safer Choice in Oregon

Robert Brown – City of Los Angeles,  Green Chemistry:  Thinking Biomimicry

Jen McIntyre – Washington State University,  6PPD:  A Ubiquitous Tire-Derived Chemical is Killing Coho Salmon

Anne-Cooper Doherty – California Dept of Toxic Substances Control,  6PPD:  CA DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products Program and Potential Regulation of Tires Containing 6PPD

Craig Manahan – Washington State Department of Ecology,  6PPD and Washington Ecology

Yasim Yacoby – Office of EID, Department of Energy,  Pathway to Decarbonization:  Environmental Justice and Energy Justice

Bethel Tarekegne – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,  Pathway to Decarbonization:  Energy Storage for Social Equity

Morgan Smith – North American Sustainable Refrigerant Council,  Pathway to Decarbonization:  The Leading Climate Solution Hiding in Your Local Supermarket   

Session 3:  October 27

Jo Fleming – California Green Business Network (CAGBN),  Green Business Programs:  2021 CAGBN Program Overview

Christy Chow – EnviroStars,  Green Business Programs:  Washington EnviroStars

Donna Walden – GreenUP!,  Green Business Programs:  Nevada Green Business Network

Brittney Wendell – PPRC,  Green Business Programs:  EcoBiz – Certifying Eco-Friendly Oregon Businesses

Lawrence Nussbaum – Environmental Innovation, Inc,  Foodware Aware:  Preventing Foodware Pollution

Eun Soo Lim – San Mateo County Office of Sustainability

Chris Schlafter – San Mateo County Office of Sustainability

Grace Lee – Rethink Disposable

Xiang Bi – Applied Research and Methods Team at the USGAO,  Adoption and Diffusion of P2 Practices:  Evidence from the TRI

Eugene Rubin – California Air Resources Board,  Wet Cleaning Grant Program 

Katie Fellows – King County Hazardous Waste,  A PERC-Free King County:  Converting Dry Cleaners to Wet Cleaning

Sean Smith – Washington State DOE.  Green Cleaning ~ Ecology’s PERC Replacement Program

Swati Sharma – Sharma Consultants, Environmental Public Health Consulting,  See Video

Dicle Yardimci – California Dept of Toxic Substances and Control,  DTSC’s Voluntary Healthy Nail Salon Recognition PRogram Implementation PLan for Local Government Agencies

Tuyet Hanh Thi – Perfection Nails Spa Owner, See Video

Lisa Fu – California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative,  See Video

Astrid Williams – Black Women for Wellness,  Advocating for Safer Beauty

Jamie McConnell – Women’s Voices for the Earth,  See Video

Janet Nudelman – Breast Cancer Prevention Partners,  California and Federal Nail Salon – Cosmetic Safety Legislation

Session 4:  October 28

Kurt Middlekoop – TMAC – Texas MEP,  Lean and Efficiency:  Integrated P2 Approach

Hugh O’Neill – Washington Department of Ecology,  Lean and Efficiency See Video

Ben Jarvis – Idaho Department of Environmental Quality,  Lean and Efficiency See Video

Lisa Cox – Oregon DEQ,  P2 Interns in Oregon (Includes short project presentations from four 2021 interns:  Toni Trinh, Derek Yau, Adrienne Wallace, Jason Leon Guerrero – OSU, Kylee Church – PPRC)

Miguel Rodas – City of Los Angeles,  P2 and Green Chemistry lternatives in Metal Finishing

Katy Wolf – Kathleen Wolf, Consultant,  Case Studies:  Vapor Degreasing Conversions to Safer Alternatives

Burton Hamner – Sustainability CPE, Inc,  P2 Finance Meets Sustainability:  ImpactCapex in Excel

Tiffany Skogstrom – Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance,  See Video

Kristin Vandermolen – Desert Research Institute,  See Video

Bogdan Serbanescu – City of Los Angeles,  See Video

R9/10 P2RT Advisory Committee: Alex Bertoluccci, Oregon DEQ, Belinda Breidenbach, Idaho SBDC, Ben Jarvis, Idaho DEQ, Brian Clapp, U.S. EPA, Brittney Wendell, PPRC, Cassie Carroll, GBENN, Chris Lynch, Nevada BEP, Ed Gonzalez, PPRC, Gail Zuzuki-Jones, Hawaii Green Business Program, Hugh O’Neill, Washington Ecology, Jean Waters, PPRC, Jen Jackson, City of San Francisco, Jessica Count-Arnold, U.S. EPA, Jo Fleming, CA Green Business Network, John Katz U.S. EPA, Kami Snowden Tribal Solid Waste Authority Network, Kat Compton, U.S. EPA, Ken Grimm, PPRC, Ken Zarker, Washington Ecology, Kristy Fry, U.S. EPA, Krysta Thornton, PPRC, Lisa Cox, Oregon DEQ, Michelle Gaither, PPRC, Myles Perkins, Washington Ecology, Singe Lindquist, Cascadia Consulting, Stephanie Thomas Cascadia Consulting, Tyyo Chase, Arizona DEQ.

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