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Spray Efficiency Training Success Story

Eighteen Gresham, Oregon painting professionals participated in a special 3D virtual training to improve efficiency and reduce waste in their operations. The skills they learned are estimated to save them close to 30% on the cost of coating materials (paints and clear coats) in their operations, along with human health and environmental benefits.  

The training was held on March 22, 2024, through a collaboration with the City of Gresham and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC).  The Spray Efficiency Training (SET) was sponsored by Gresham’s Business Sustainability Coordinator, Gregg Hayward, Keri Handaly, Gresham Watershed Analyst, Ulu Seria, Ashley Pugh and Gustavo Gutierrez-Gomez, with the Rockwood Community Development Corporation and East County Business Bridge (ECBB). The PPRC trainers were Angel Contreras Cruz and Michael Strauhal.  

This training provided spray coaters (painters) with data on how they spray and their techniques, to help them improve their efficiency. They learned to minimize overspray. This lowers costs of materials and reduces waste. Painting more efficiently can also reduce health risks associated with exposure for painters and the surrounding community.   

The SET training was done using virtual reality equipment. There are specific modules for different types of painters, so that automotive spray coaters see autobody door panels, fenders, or hoods, and they coat them virtually. The SET equipment will also measure the thickness of the paint and the overspray. The SET training was provided in English and Spanish. Thank you to our partners, trainers, and attendees!

Check out our Spray Efficiency Training videos below!

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