General P2 Tools

Performance Specifications Database

The Performance Specifications Database is intended to help purchasers buy the most environmentally preferable paints and coatings that meet stated performance specifications.

Topic Hubs

Each topic hub provides targeted background information, challenges, opportunities, and reasons to implement P2 on a specific subject area, from industry sectors to topics that cross many business types. Each hub also provides up-to-date resources for more information on the topic. In partnership with P2Rx™, PPRC offers dozens of Topic Hubs™ on a range of industry sectors from aerospace to ski areas, and other P2 topics from clean snowmobiles to youth education. View the full list of Topic Hubs.

Northwest P2 Results Measurement

Pollution prevention has saved Northwest businesses and agencies hundreds of millions of dollars. The Northwest P2 Results Measurement Database includes entries about dozens of P2 projects from the region, and estimates actual savings. Be sure to check out the Highlights page to see how pollution prevention can seriously reduce operating costs.

Pollution Prevention Measurement Tools

Pollution prevention and climate change? You may be sure that pollution prevention can successfully tackle climate change–but can you prove it? Thanks to the US EPA’s new pollution prevention calculators, you now can provide the numbers you need to convincingly make your case.

P2 Greenhouse Gas Calculator:
The P2 GHG Calculator calculates GHG emission reductions from electricity conservation, green energy, fuel and chemical substitutions with lower GHG-intensities, water conservation, and improved materials and process management in the chemical manufacturing sector. This tool will assist program participants to submit higher-quality data for the program measure, and demonstrates the unique multi-media perspective that P2 brings to reduce metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e). Download the P2 Greenhouse Gas Calculator.

P2 Cost Savings Calculator:
The P2 Cost Calculator assesses cost savings associated with reduced costs for hazardous inputs in a facility process, reduced costs for handling hazardous waste, reductions in annual air permitting fees that are based on actual emissions, reduced water discharge treatment costs based on gallons discharged, reduced charges for water usage, reduced fuel costs, and reduced costs for electricity. Understanding potential cost savings presents a big incentive for action and collaboration to program beneficiaries. Download the P2 Cost Savings Calculator.

Gallons to Pounds Converter:
This is designed to provide conversions from units commonly encountered in business to units needed for P2 Program measures. It is not uncommon for hazardous materials to be measured in gallons for business purposes – gallons of paint, and gallons of waste water, for example. For program purposes, all these gallon measures need to be converted to pounds of hazardous materials for the program measure “pounds of hazardous materials reduced.” Download the Gallons to Pounds Converter.

P24U (at home)

Wondering about how to prevent pollution at home? Check out P24U, a compilation of resources to help you keep your home clean, comfortable, efficient and safe.

Green Meetings

Meeting planners of all types have begun to take a closer look at their practices in an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Check out the PPRC's slides on Greening Your Meeting (pdf). To find out more about green meetings, visit EPA's Green Meetings page.