P2 Solutions

PPRC offers an array of information, resources, and services to help promote pollution prevention.

What is P2?

For discussion of what pollution prevention is, and how it can help make businesses more economically and environmentally prosperous, visit PPRC's What is P2? page.

General P2 Tools

PPRC offers online tools to help educate businesses and the technical assistance providers that work with businesses.

Guidance Documents

Visit PPRC's guidance documents page for information on "background" information, such as resources to help businesses conduct comprehensive waste inventories.


Visit PPRC's presenations page to view our past work from various conferences and lectures.

Industry Sectors

Over PPRC's thirteen year history, the organization has developed many resources for industry sectors important to the Northwest's economy: Aerospace, Fiberglass Fabrication, Healthcare, Hospitality, Metal Fabrication, Metal Finishing, Metal Machining, Paint & Coating Manufacturing, and Ship Building and Repair. Materials have been developed for other industries, as well, which can be found from PPRC's Publications List

P2 Strategies

The scope of pollution prevention includes actions that reduce hazards, risks, and costs to the environment, while simultaneously helping the bottom line. PPRC offers resources to help reduce the use of toxics. PPRC also offers other strategies to help businesses and others prevent pollution. Find information on this site about alternative fuels, green building and construction, lean manufacturing & P2, mentoring, product stewardship, environmental purchasing, and supply chain management.

Funding Opportunities

PPRC offers the Request For Proposal Clearinghouse for businesses, researchers, and others to locate sources of funding for pollution prevention work.