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A Northwest Industry Roundtable Report

PPRC is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that provided assistance with this report and the Northwest Industry Roundtable on which it is based.

Special thanks go to Jerry McMahon of American Waterways Operators for providing project guidance and facilitating industry attendance; and to roundtable presenters: Barry Kellems and Rick Moore of Hart Crowser; Rob Reuter and Lisa Zinner of the Washington Department of Ecology; Al Rainsberger of Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation; Bob Cipra of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; and Mike Shepherd of the Trident Refit Facility. Special thanks also go to the vendors that provided information displays and supported the roundtable: Filtration/Treatment Systems Ltd.; Flow International; Maritime Consulting, International; and Stormwater Management.

This report was peer-reviewed by Jerry McMahon, Rob Reuter, Lisa Zinner, Pam Elardo of the Department of Ecology, Al Rainsberger, Barry Kellems, Rick Moore, and David Leviten, formerly with the PPRC staff.

PPRC staff who helped in the organization of the roundtable and in the preparation of this report were David Leviten, Chris Montovino, Jim DiPeso, Chris Wiley, and Madeline Sten.

Above all, PPRC wishes to thank the roundtable attendees (listed in Appendix A) for their willingness to share information, ideas and recommendations that form the basis of this report.

The opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this report are those of roundtable attendees, and do not necessarily reflect the views of PPRC or its supporters.


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This report was developed with grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and was a joint project of the Business Assistance Programs in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

© 1999, Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center
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