Pollution Prevention in the Hospitality Sector

Publication Date: August 1998
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The definition of an industry sector is a critical component of performing research and discussion about that sector. Thus, an industry sector is usually defined in such a way that the main parts of the sector are encapsulated in the definition, and further work for the sector is rooted in those areas. However, when discussing the hospitality sector, it is difficult to find easily defined borders for just such a definition.

The hospitality industry covers a wide ranging number of services and activities. It includes travel related services such as lodging, restaurants, food services and convention centers. Also included are entertainment services including golf courses, sports arenas, amusement parks, movie theaters, play houses, concert venues, tour services, and national and state parks, to name but a few. The hospitality industry, in its many formats, is a sector in which pollution prevention (P2) practices can have both an immediate and long-term impact. For the purposes of this document, we have chosen to focus on just a few of the areas within the hospitality sector, including lodging and tourism, golf courses, energy and water efficiency, and restaurants.

When addressing P2 in the hospitality industry, there are two basic routes that can be followed:

Much of the early P2 work in the sector has been accomplished by implementing P2 within existing structures and procedures, and there is an extensive network of resources available to assist facilities on getting started. One such program is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE), a program dedicated to efficient water use. WAVE goals include:

Designing P2 from the ground up has been a bit more elusive. Perhaps the best known example in the Pacific Northwest is the Sleeping Lady resort, a lodging and conference center located just outside of Leavenworth, WA, in the Cascade Mountain Range. In 1991, the current owner purchased the resort property, and incorporated P2 measures in building new structures and remodeling old ones. The P2 and conservation utilized at the resort are described in detail on their website: www.sleepinglady.com/conservation/.

The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) has compiled an information resource listing for the hospitality sector. Although this list just scratches the surface of P2 possibilities, it does provide a good springboard for those who are interested in P2 and hospitality and are not sure where to start.

Hospitality Resources Listing

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   The archives of the P2TECH list serve may have information regarding P2 in the hospitality sector. Information that was found in a recent archive search is noted as {P2T}. The P2TECH website can be found at

Building Commissioning
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Oregon Office of Energy www.cbs.state.or.us/
Description of commissioning and down loadable files that provide further information. Andrzej Pekalski
Oregon Office of Energy
625 Marion Street Salem, OR 97310
T: (800) 221-8035 (toll free in OR)
  or (503) 378-5697
Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. www.peci.org/cxmain.html A nonprofit corporation, specializing in energy use and facility resources. Topics covered:
• Overviews and Case Studies
• Procedural Guidelines, Specifications, and Functional Tests
• Model Commissioning Plan and Guide Specifications
• Web Sites with Commissioning Information and Documents
• Draft National Strategy for Building Commissioning
921 SW Washington Street, #312
Portland, OR 97206
T: (503) 248-3636
F: (503) 295-0820

Conference Center
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
The Sleeping Lady www.sleepinglady.com The website has a good summary of environmentally friendly building materials and practices in use at the site. Sleeping Lady
7375 Icicle Road
Leavenworth, WA 98826
T: (800) 574-2123 or (509) 548-6344
F: (509) 548-6312

Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Ecotourism Society
An organization based in Vermont. As noted on the website: "Our services are tailored to the needs of the professional who is seeking to find the best solutions to ecotourism sustainability issues." THE ECOTOURISM SOCIETY
P.O. Box 755
North Bennington, VT 05257
T: (802) 447-2121
F: (802) 447-2122
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Fact sheet: "The Tourism and Hospitality Industry Goes Green," 7000-FS-DEP2226. {P2T}
The fact sheet includes references to related organizations. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Website:

Golf Courses
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Audubon International's Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses (ACSP) {P2T} www.audubonintl.org/
Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Program for golf courses. It contains a series of sustainability principles which registering golf courses agree to abide by and are audited for. Much of the focus is on habitat, land use, layout, and native plants. Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System
Audubon International
46 Rarick Road
Selkirk, NY 12158
T: (518)767-9051
F: (518)767-9076
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention website
Information on Integrated Pest Management Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2)
100 Charlotte Street
Sarnia, ON N7T 4R2
T: (519) 337-3423
F: (519) 337-3486
City of Portland, Oregon {P2T} Parks and Recreation utilizes integrated pest management. pkweb@ci.portland.or.us
Website: www.parks.ci.portland.or.us/
Florida Department of Environmental Protection document: "Use of Reclaimed Water on Golf Courses." www.dep.state.fl.us/water/
This fact sheet was written by FL DEP. Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Pollution Prevention Program
T: (904) 488 0300
F: (904) 921 8061
Website: www.dep.state.fl.us/
Golf course chemicals management www.eece.ksu.edu/
KTURF is an advanced computer program designed to predict pesticide and nitrogen leaching in the upper 20 inches of turfgrass given the soil conditions and watering regime of a particular course. The program was developed by individuals in Kansas State University's Civil Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering Deptartments.  
Environmental Institute for Golf www.eifg.org Provides environmental opportunities in water, energy, pest management, site construction, and more, to strengthen the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment. T: (800) 472-7878
Suffolk County, NY, Water Authority {P2T} 16 page pamphlet on Integrated Pest Management for golf course. Suffolk County Water Authority
PO Box 37
Oakdale NY 11769
T: (516) 563-0306
United States Golf Association (USGA) {P2T} www.usga.com/green/ USGA Green Section web site. Also found at website: www.usga.org/green/index.html  

Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, "Pollution Prevention Tips for the Hospitality Industry of Southern Arizona" Booklet produced by the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality's Business Assistance Program. Pima County Department of Environmental Quality
130 W. Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701-1317
T: (520) 740-3342
F: (520) 882-7709

Hotels and Motels
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Green Seal, "Greening Your Property" (description found at www.greenseal.org/greeninglodge.htm) Includes tips on managing energy consumption and water use, choosing efficient lighting, improving indoor air quality, and greening amenities and services. Green Seal
1400 16th St., NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036
T: (202) 588-8400
F: (202) 588-8465
Habitat Suites Hotel, www.habitatsuites.com An example of a hotel utilizing environmental management programs. Brochure available describing their practices. Habitat Suites Hotel
500 East Highland Mall Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78752
T: (512) 467-6000 or
 (800) 535-4663
Hotel and Resort Industry Journal, "Making Cash from Trash" Authored by Lori P. Greene; October 1991  
INFORM {P2T} Publication, "Less Garbage Overnight: A Waste Prevention Guide for the Lodging Industry," by John P. Winter and Sharene Azimi (1996, 64 pp., $30) ISBN 0-918780-66-7. www.informinc.org/
Describes how hotels and motels can prevent the generation of solid waste, saving money throughout their operations. Includes numerous case studies. Order form on website listed. INFORM, Inc.
120 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005-4001
T: (212) 361-2400
F: (212) 361-2412
International Hotels Environment Initiative, "Environmental Management for Hotels - The Industry Guide to Best Practice" 1996 book, 230 pages. Published by Butterworth-Heinemann, Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP, UK. Customer Service (in U.S.):
T: (800) 366-2665 or (781) 904-2500
F: (800) 446-6520 or (781) 933-6333
International Hotels Environment Initiative Quarterly magazine: "Green Hotelier" The Association also has extensive educational materials www.ih-ra.com/
Metro (Portland) Green Key Program The City of Portland has put together an informational package for incorporating P2. The package includes the booklet "Green Key Guide: Room for Improvement." Metro
600 NE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97232
T: (503) 797-1700
New York City Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling document: "Make Waste an Unwelcome Guest: The NYC Guide to Hotel Waste Prevention." {P2T} www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/dos/
  Department of Sanitation
Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling
125 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013
T: (212) 219-8090
[Sanitation Action Center]
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Services, "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Hotels and Motels Manage Waste" Booklet published by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Services, NC State University. The NCCES is based at North Carolina's two land grant institutions, NC State University and North Carolina A&T State University, in all 100 counties and on the Cherokee Reservation. www.ces.ncsu.edu/
UNEP and International Hotels Environment Initiative publication: "Environmental Action Pack for Hotels." {P2T} Provides information on the components of a successful environmental management program. Order form available on website. International Hotels Environment Initiative
T: 44 (0) 171 467 3623
F: 44 (0) 171 467 3629
Vermont Small Business Development Center {P2T} www.vtsbdc.org/ Offers Environmental Assistance Services for Businesses, focusing on pollution prevention and information. Program for inns, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Vermont Small Business Development Center
Environmental Assistance for Business
PO Box 422
Randolph, VT 05060
T: (802) 728-1423
Wake County Solid Waste Management Videotape: "Recycling Works… Hotel Employees Training Series" 57 minute videotape; Closed Captioned. English and Spanish versions. Produced in 1997. Wake County Solid Waste Management
336 Fayetteville Street
Wake County Office Building
13th Floor
Raleigh, NC
T: (919) 856-6186 www.co.wake.nc.us/

Hotels and Resorts
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts Information includes a Consumer Guide, Partnership Guide and Press Kit Canadian Pacific Hotels
One University Avenue, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2P1
T: (416) 367-7111
F: (416) 863-6097

Hotels and Restaurants
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Georgia Hospitality Environmental Partnership {P2T} Program focuses mainly on waste reduction and recycling. They have also developed educational materials such as a guidebook and training videos dealing with environmental purchasing and line employees' role in recycling throughout the hotel. Georgia Hospitality Environmental Partnership
60 Executive Park South, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329-2231
T: (404) 679-1598
F: (404) 679-0572
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association publication: "Environmental Good Practice in Hotels." {P2T} www.earthprint.com/cgi-bin/
Website describes publication and includes order information. International Hotel & Restaurant Association
251 Rue du Faubourgh St-Martin
75010 Paris, France
T: 33 (0) 1-44899400
F: 33 (0) 1-40367330
Waste Reduction Resource Center article number #PPP 0503. {P2T} Describes how one hotel chain uses ozone to reduce pollution in their laundering. Waste Reduction Resource Center
P.O. Box 29569
Raleigh, NC 27626-9569
T: (800) 476-8686
F: (919) 715-1612

Hotels and Tourism
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
United Nations Environmental Programme's Industry & Environment Center (UNEP IE), "Protecting the Ozone Layer: a practical guide for replacing ozone-depleting substances in hotels and tourism facilities." Found AT www.uneptie.org/
Information includes shopping and visitors centers, office buildings and sports arenas. Published by UNEP IE, in Paris. The guide is part of the information exchange service that UNEP provides to help developing countries meet their obligations under the Montreal Protocol. Developed jointly by UNEP IE's OzonAction & Tourism Programs under the Multilateral fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol (MFIMP).   Copies can also be ordered via mail. Send details to
Mr. Rajendra Shende, Coordinator
UNEP IE OzonAction Programme
Tour Mirabeau, 39-43 quai André Citroën
75739 Paris, Cedex 15, France
F: (33-1) 44-37-14-74

Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
EPA's Green Lights Program www.epa.gov/
Green Lights is a voluntary program where partners agree to install energy efficient lighting where profitable, as long as lighting quality is maintained or improved. The primary purpose of the program is prevent air pollution, solid waste, and other environmental impacts of electricity generation. Manager, Green Lights Program
U.S EPA Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division
401 M Street SW, (6202J)
Washington, DC 20460
T: (202) 564-9190
  Toll Free: (888) STAR-YES
  TDD: (888) 588-9920
F: (202) 564-9569
  Fax-back system: (202) 564-9659
Lighting Design Lab lightingdesignlab.com A nonprofit organization that assist commercial lighting designers with efficient lighting strategies, mock-up facility, and consultations. Lighting Design Lab
400 E. Pine Street, #100
Seattle, WA 98122
T: (206) 329-9532

Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (WMRC) es.epa.gov/p2pubs/
Manual developed to assist businesses in the retail, hospitality, and small office sectors reduce the amount of waste they dispose of through the use of waste assessments. Publisher: Cornell University Media Services Resource Center, Ithaca, NY. May 1994 Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (WMRC)
Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (GLPPIC)
One East Hazelwood Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
T: (217) 244-8989
F: (217) 333-8944

Travel and Tourism
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
www.wttc.org Two different programs: ECoNETT and Green Globe. Described below. World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)
20 Grosvenor Place
London SW1X 7TT, U.K.
T: (+44 171) 838-9400
F: (+44 171) 838-9050
From website: ECoNETT is a dedicated, structured site giving comprehensive coverage of sustainable tourism initiatives, as well as providing contacts and links to other sources. ECoNETT
20 Grosvenor Place
London, SW1X 7TT U.K.
T: (+44 171) 235-2135
F: (+44 171) 235-2445
Green Globe
From website: GREEN GLOBE is a worldwide environmental management and awareness program for the Travel & Tourism industry. Green Globe 21
7 St Stephens Court
St Stephens Road
Bournemouth BH2 6LA, United Kingdom
The United Nations Environmental Programme Industry and Environment Tourism Programme www.unepie.org/
Information to help promote environmental tourism policy. UNEP Industry and Environment Centre
Tour Mirabeau 39-43 quai André Citröen
75739 Paris cedex 15
T: (33 1) 44 37 14 50
F: (33 1) 44 37 14 74

Water Efficiency
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
EPA'S Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE) Program es.epa.gov/partners/
Website provides fact sheet and links about the program. WAVE Program Director, U.S. EPA
401 M St. SW - Mail Stop 4204
Washington, DC 20460.
T: (202) 260-7288
F: (202) 260-1827

Multiple Topics
Resource Listing Description & Comments Contact (if applicable)
EPA's Energy Star Program www.epa.gov/energystar/ A program instituted to reduce air pollution through energy efficiency. Focus areas include appliances, windows, office products, and buildings. Energy Star Programs
U.S. EPA Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division
401 M Street SW, (6202J)
Washington, DC 20460
T: (202) 564-9190
  Toll Free: (888) STAR-YES
  TDD: (888) 588-9920
F: (202) 564-9569
  Fax-back system: (202) 564-9659
Rocky Mountain Institute www.rmi.org/ A nonprofit research and educational foundation, whose mission is to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. Rocky Mountain Institute
1739 Snowmass Creek Road
Snowmass, Colorado 81654-9199
T: (970) 927-3851
F: (970) 927-3420
Green Hotels Association www.greenhotels.com/ The "Green" Hotels Association encourages, promotes and supports the "greening" of the lodging industry. "Green" Hotels Association
P. O. Box 420212
Houston, TX 77242-0212
T: (713) 789-8889
F: (713) 789-9786

The information compiled in this report was current as of August 1998; the web links in this report were current as of July 2000.

Our thanks to O'Neill & Siegelbaum (3018 NW 85th Street, Suite 5, Seattle, WA, 98117,
wastenot@speakeasy.org), P2 Consultants to the hospitality industry, for their assistance.