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Green Building - Demolition and Construction Management

An essential link in the design chain is to plan the demolition and construction process to maximize reuse of materials and facilitate recycling of materials that will not be reused on site.

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Green Contractors

Green Pages
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild's Directory of green construction consultants, builders, and contractors

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National Association of Demolition Contractors
This trade group has addressed critical issues and opportunities in deconstruction and has published conclusions and case studies in "Demolition: The First Step of Reconstruction".

Construction Materials Recycling Association
Devoted exclusively to the needs of the rapidly expanding construction waste & demolition debris processing and recycling industry. Specialty areas include: Information exchange, resources and support on current issues and technology; and promotion for acceptance and use of recycled construction materials including concrete, asphalt, wood, gypsum, and other materials.

King County Environmental Purchasing - Salvaged Building Materials Contract
The King County WasteWise Program, Facilities Management and others partnered with RE Store, a non-profit used building materials store in Seattle, to pick up reusable building materials from King County internal construction, renovation and demolition projects. Learn more and see a copy of the copy of the contract.

Residential Construction Waste Management: A Builder’s Field Guide
From the National Association of HomeBuilders, this 32-page field guide offers case studies and seven varying approaches to construction waste management. The guide is available for $12.

Setting up Waste Management Plans for Job-Sites – King County Department of Natural Resources – Solid Waste Division
Provides a typical construction work schedule and various opportunities for each of the work phases: programming, schematic design & development, and build-out.

Additional publications:

  • 2000 Construction, Demolition, and Landclearing Materials Recycling, and
  • 2000 Contractor’s Guide to Preventing Waste and Recycling

  • Article: "The Economics of Deconstruction"
    Resource Recycling, February 2000

    Article: Checklist for Building Deconstruction
    Environmental Building News, May 2000, p 1, by Peter Yost.
    Guidance for designers, owners and demolition contractors interested in maximizing deconstruction's potential, including discussions on these topics and more:

  • Existing buildings as resources
  • Design new buildings to utilize salvage
  • Design for disassembly
  • Selecting demolition firms
  • Using contract language to maximize reuse potential
  • Maintaining environmental and energy standards

  • Waste Management Publications
    Many are available from the National Association of Home Builders Research Center

    Building Savings: Strategies for Waste Reduction of Debris from Buildings
    Offered by the Institute for Local Self Reliance and EPA. Document number EPA-530-F-00-001.

    Resource Venture - Construction Waste Management Guide for Architects, Designers, Developers, Facility Managers, Owners, Property Managers & Specification Writers
    The Construction Waste Management Guide was written for professionals who do not deal directly with construction waste, yet have an impact on what happens to it. The purpose of the Guide is to educate these professionals about their role in reducing, reusing and recycling waste generated from remodeling, construction and demolition, with step-by-step methods for salvage and reuse and much more.

    Environmental Handbooks for Oregon Construction Contractors - Best Pollution Prevention Practices. November 1994. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.
    Contact: 800-452-4011

    Construction Works - Metro King County
    Factsheets and information on recycling various construction materials in the greater Seattle area.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Report on "Characterization of Building-Related Construction and Demolition Debris in the United States" (1998).

    Recycling Plus Manual - Clean Washington Center
    (Go to "Construction")

    Jobsite Recycling - Scottsdale, Arizona's Greenbuilding Program
    Offers tips on construction site recycling and links or contact information to construction material recyclers in the area.

    Annotated Bibliography for Gypsum Recycling
    Lists over 300 references on gypsum recycling opportunities, including fertilzer, soil treatment, odor control agent, a feedstock in cement, and more.
    Contact: John Reindl, Recycling Manager, Dane County, WI - 608-267-8815

    Stormwater, Grading and Drainage Code: Amendments 2000 - Seattle Department of Construction and Land Use
    Amendments to the "Stormwater, Grading and Drainage Code" to minimize runoff from sites during construction and operation, the new requirements will further protect Seattle’s urban creeks and other aquatic habitat from large storms, and keep pollutants and excess sediment out of Seattle’s lakes and bays.

    National Wood Recycling Directory
    Published by American Forest and Paper Association

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