Product Stewardship for Manufacturers

What is Product Stewardship?

river A product is like a river: a chain of causes and effects from the headwaters to the mouth. Product stewardship is reducing a product's environmental footprint at each step up and down the stream. Product Stewardship is a principle that directs all actors in the life cycle of a product to minimize the impacts of that product on the environment. What is unique about product stewardship is its emphasis on the entire product system in achieving sustainable development. Product stewardship emphasizes making the entire product system environmentally sustainable. All participants in the product life cycle - designers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, consumers, recyclers and disposers - share responsibility for the environmental effects of products. This resource offers tools and techniques useful to manufacturers implementing product stewardship.


Our thanks to David Stitzhal, Chris Luboff, and Mike Italiano for their assistance reviewing this material.


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