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The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center hosts and attends informal brown-bag lunch meetings to stay current on issues affecting pollution prevention, and to hear interesting speakers who educate participants on topics relevant to our work and offer fresh perspectives to think about.
DECEMBER 18, 1997 — P2 and Labor
Mark Catlin, Prezant

We had a small turnout, but productive discussion Thursday on the connections between occupational health and safety, and pollution prevention. Our speaker was Mark Catlin, formerly with the Washington Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, and now the training manager with Prezant, a Seattle occupational health and safety consulting firm. Prezant’s Web site is at

The discussion generated some promising ideas for bringing together the occupational H&S and pollution prevention communities. These two communities often move in separate worlds and use different terminology, but there is a growing realization that they have similar goals. There are opportunities, such as joint site assessments, for the communities to work together toward the goal of cleaner, safer, more efficient workplaces.


NOVEMBER 20, 1997 — Environmental Excellence Programs
John Williams, Washington Dept. of Ecology

The first Brown Bag meeting, held Nov. 20, featured an informative discussion of the Environmental Excellence law enacted by the Washington Legislature this year.

Our speaker was John Williams from the Department of Ecology, who gave us a rundown of the law’s provisions, the issues surrounding its implementation, and some hypothetical examples of how it might be applied. Washington’s law is the only one of its kind in the nation. A voluntary approach, the law allows companies, groups of companies, and even other government agencies to propose environmental excellence agreements that provide "overall" environmental results that are equal to or exceed current requirements. So far, no company or other entity has come forward to propose an agreement.

More information is available by contacting John Williams at 360-407-6968, or by visiting the following Web site:

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