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What's New in P2?

PPRC's monthly news bulletin "What's New in P2?" has been published for over seven years. News items are frequently added to this page, and old stories are removed from the page after several weeks, or the event has been held, respectively. PPRC is pleased to make news headlines available in RSS .

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P2 News

Keep an eye on your city's pollution in real time (02/19/2015)
High-definition cameras are letting residents monitor the air pollution in their cities online, and in real time.

Bourbon byproduct as road de-icer? It's possible (02/17/2015)
A Washington State University engineering professor, Xianming Shi, has figured out how to make a de-icing agent out of leftover barley residue from vodka distilleries as a safer alternative to road salt.

Health, environmental groups seek fracking moratorium (02/06/2015)
Public health and environmental advocates gathered in Annapolis Thursday to push for a long-term moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Firefighters face risks long after the flames go out (02/03/2015)
Research now shows that toxic gases and chemicals they're exposed to over time multiply their risk of cancer.

Other P2 Tidbits

Heat, Pollution, and Skyscrapers Make Cities Have More Thunderstorms
Ah, city life: The culture! The food! The music! The thunderstorms! Wait, what? Thunderstorms? Yes, that's right: You can add weather to the list of things that are more exciting in the city than in the sticks.

How to Reduce the Toxic Impact of Your Ex-Smartphone
With so many new smartphones and electronics being purchased, are users disposing of their older devices properly?

Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil's Largest City
São Paulo Water Crisis Linked to Growth, Pollution and Deforestation

Bumblebee's Brain Impaired by Widely Used Insecticide
Insecticide impairs brain cell function in the bees, causing them difficulty with such tasks as realizing that flower scents imply food and being able to find their way back home after foraging.

Drought-Hit Pakistan Turns to Solar Water Treatment
Worsening drought has led to over 80 percent of water resources in Pakistan's southern Tharparker district becoming unfit for people to drink, a new study says

NASA satellite measures earth's soil and water
Satellite to track the soils of the Northern Hemisphere and reveal which regions are sequestering carbon and helping abate global warming

Featured Web Site

Finelite takes an enlightened approach to reusable packaging
Finelite has expanded its recycling program from cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and wood to include bubble wrap, plastic stretch film, copper wire and defective metal parts.


** PPRC thanks all the people and organizations who regularly send information that is featured in "What's New in P2?" including, but not limited to, the Waste Prevention Forum, GreenBiz, Sightline Daily, Grist, and many others! **