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What's New in P2?

PPRC's monthly news bulletin "What's New in P2?" has been published for over seven years. News items are frequently added to this page, and old stories are removed from the page after several weeks, or the event has been held, respectively. PPRC is pleased to make news headlines available in RSS .

Other P2 Tidbits
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Other P2 Tidbits

Beyond BPA: Are Other Packaging Chemicals Just as Harmful?
According to a study published last July, food packaging in the U.S. contains 154 chemicals that are deemed to be dangerous. Yet, they're all still perfectly legal.

Cheaper Silicon Means Cheaper Solar Cells
Researchers have pioneered a new approach to manufacturing solar cells that requires less silicon and can accommodate silicon with more impurities than is currently the standard. Those changes mean cheaper, and less energy intensive, panel construction

EPA Launches a Voluntary Program to Reduce Pesticide Drift
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing a new voluntary Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) program to encourage the use of verified, safer pesticide spray products to reduce exposure and pesticide movement while saving farmers money in pesti

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Utilities must innovate or go extinct
The threat to utilities goes far beyond solar panels and demands a response far more substantial than rate-tweaking. Sooner or later, there must be a wholesale rethinking of the utility business model. And if utilities are smart, they'll do it sooner.


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