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What's New in P2?

PPRC's monthly news bulletin "What's New in P2?" has been published for over seven years. News items are frequently added to this page, and old stories are removed from the page after several weeks, or the event has been held, respectively. PPRC is pleased to make news headlines available in RSS .

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P2 News

At Patagonia, the Bottom Line Includes the Earth (07/31/2014)
The suit, which has begun hitting the market, is made not from conventional, petroleum-based neoprene but from a natural rubber derived from a desert shrub.

Environmentalists criticize Massachusetts mercury recycling bill (07/31/2014)
environmentalists say the legislation doesn't do enough to protect waterways.

Groundwater Is Drying Up Fast Under Western States, Study Finds (07/31/2014)
The Colorado River Basin, which supplies irrigation and groundwater for most of the West, is drying up faster than expected. Part of the problem is a drought-driven over-reliance on groundwater.

Bees at the brink: battle for our hearts and minds (07/28/2014)
Adversaries aren't waiting for conclusive science on what's killing the honeybee. They're taking their fight straight to the public in an intensifying battle for the support of the nation's consumers.

Oil, gas boom taps rush of ordinances and bans across the U.S. (07/28/2014)
Development of oil and gas shale formations has sparked drilling from Pennsylvania to California, and that is leading to a new wave of local oil and gas ordinances and bans

Tour de France sees protest over toxic waste nobody wants (07/28/2014)
French protestors help stop shipment of world's largest toxic stockpile of HCB's, or hexachlorobenzene. But where will the chemicals go?

Are Pesticides Killing Birds as Well as Bees? (07/15/2014)
A study published in Nature suggests that birds are disappearing in places where there are high concentrations of neoncotinoid pesticides in the environment, a new study suggests.

Other P2 Tidbits

How Can Renewable Packages Change Shipping?
A designer hopes to help stem the flow of single-use packages through a new design that can be reused 200 times.

Featured Web Site

Bike lanes save lives AND money
According to a study from Environmental Health Perspectives, cycling infrastructure is a smart investment for penny-pinching city planners.


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