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Pharmaceutical Waste


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Things You Can Do Now

1) Complete facility self-assessment guide at

2) Conduct random expired pharmaceutical audits and remove outdated products from inventory.

3) Separate and store outdated pharmaceuticals by manufacturer and by the manufacturer’s return policy for possible return to the manufacturer.

4) Train all employees according to your outdate management program and ensure that employees can identify, reduce and properly handle wastes.

5) Label every waste container with the contents.

Past Meetings

  • Pharmaceutical Waste Management:
    Regulatory Tangles & Environmental Uncertainties
    May 15th, 2002 Notes

More Resources

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A list of pharmaceuticals containing mercury (excel spreadsheet) is at:

EPA article on managing pharmaceutical waste

Pharmaceutical waste FAQ's

Pharmaceutical wste issues

Information on a Waste Oxidizer System for Pharmaceutical Waste can be found at:

Rationale for and avenues toward a green pharmacy.

Drug disposal, waste reduction and future directions.

Origins and fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment.

Information on pharmaceuticals and personal care products as pollutants

More information on pharmaceuticals and personal care products as ubiquitous pollutants

From Florida here is a nice guide on hazardous waste management for pharmacies

Pharmaceutical Waste Survey conducted by King County (LHWMP)


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