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Things You Can Do Now

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Past Meetings

  • Making the Case for Building "Green" Health Care Facilities
    May 3, 2001 Notes

More Resources


Provides resources for designing and building healthy health care facilities, including goal setting documents, teleconference trainings and case studies of green health care facility projects

Vision statement and comprehensive check list of green design and construction goals and strategies plus award program to recognize health care sector design professionals and facilities for projects in the area of green design and construction.

The Guide is a design tool that can be used to overlay environmental issues on the design, construction, and operation of both new and renovated facilities. It can be used to set sustainable design priorities and goals; develop appropriate sustainable design strategies; and to determine performance measures to guide the sustainable design and decision-making processes. It can also be used as a management tool to organize and structure environmental concerns during the design, construction, and operations phases.

This checklist from the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care is posted on the Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention Healthcare EnviroNet.§ion=87&doc_id=419


This guide is from the U.S. EPA Region 5/ Purdue University website on reducing mercury in our environment. The guide was made especially for construction and demolition contractors and owners and managers of buildings to make them aware of the problem of mercury in buildings and to provide information on how to solve this problem.

This is one section from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's demolition guide. This checklist is designed to assist in determining the likely sources of mercury in a building demolition project.

This University of Florida Department of Environmental Engineering Web page includes a link to the document below and related fact sheets.


EPA's Green Building Web site is a portal to many different EPA (and other) web pages on sustainable building issues, including Energy Star, Indoor Environments, Construction and Demolition Debris, Smart Growth and many more. For more information, please contact Ken Sandler, OFEE, (E-mail:

EPA program that helps businesses incorporate environmental considerations into product, process, and technical management systems design.

EPA program that promotes simple, low-cost methods for reducing indoor air quality risks.

EPA guide that helps you design and plan for a greener cafeteria

EPA facility boasts new enviro-friendly cafeteria.

Great list of green cleaner links from H2E


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