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Things You Can Do Now

1) Complete facility self-assessment guide at

Past Meetings

  • Managing Energy and Water in Hospitals and Biomedical Labs
    March 29, 2001 Notes

More Resources

The Energy Ideas Clearinghouse is a Northwest technical resource for implementing energy technologies and practices at:

Energy Idea Clearinghouse Solutions by Topic. This is a direct link to the page of topics such as lighting, heat, etc.

EPA's Pollution Prevention and Best Management Practices for energy efficiency tools. Designed for colleges and universities, but much is transferable

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Office of Industrial Technologies has some good information including previous issues of their excellent "Energy Matters" Newsletter. The address is:

The Alliance to Save Energy has a section dedicated to productive, cost-saving and reliability enhancing steam solutions. You can access this page directly at:

The U.S. Dept. of Energy's Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, is self-described as "A gateway to hundreds of Web sites and thousands of online documents on energy efficiency and renewable energy" at:

The US Department of Energy, Office of Building Technology has 251 energy-related software tools for buildings at:

The Federal Energy Management Program, part of the Department of Energy, has analytical software tools intended to help choose conservation measures that are most cost effective and environmentally friendly. Used at the facility evaluation and assessment stage of energy project development, the tools compare potential energy conservation measures by performing complex energy consumption analyses and modeling, as well as comparative life-cycle costing analyses.

Energy Star has an excellent website with a whole page of links designed specifically for the healthcare industry. You can find this page at:

Washington State Department of General Administration, Division of Engineering and Architecture has an excellent website. The excellent content describes the services and tools available through the state at:

The Oregon Office of Energy has a loan program available to promote energy conservation and renewable energy resource development. There is a wealth of information about the program at:

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation's Green Tags program can be found at:

This multi-million dollar project improvements at Phelps Memorial. The energy-saving measures implemented included the installation of two high efficiency chillers, variable speed drives, and an energy-management system; improvement of the air distribution system; and an upgrade of the hospital's main fresh air supply air handler.

ENERGY STAR is an innovative EPA voluntary program that gives health care facilities the power to reduce air emissions that cause global warming - while strengthening their bottom line.

ENERGY STAR labeled exit signs save on maintenance costs because of their long life.


Ken Grimm