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Things You Can Do Now

1) Complete facility self-assessment guide at
2) Replace oil-based paints with water-based paints
3) Institute proper storage of hazardous substances
4) Centralize chemical supplies to prevent overstocking
5) Eliminate floor waxes and strippers and glucose tests containing zinc
6) Develop an Integrated Pest Management System
7) Distill spent solvents for reuse or recycle/exchange

Past Meetings

  • Managing Chemicals From Hospitals and Biomedical Labs, Part III
    November 13, 2001 Notes
  • Managing Chemicals From Hospitals and Biomedical Labs, Part II
    September 7, 2000 Notes
  • Managing Chemicals From Hospitals and Biomedical Labs
    April 6, 2000 Notes

More Resources

Hospitals for a Healthy Environment has a checklist of chemical waste best management practices at:

Hospitals for a Healthy Environment also has a page of links for managing and minimizing waste in hospital labs at:

A good chemical minimization plan can be found online. It is fairly thorough (27 PDF documents) including breakdown by departments such as dialysis, radiology, laboratory, etc.,

Fact sheets covering various sterilants and disinfectants can be found at:

For information on pesticides and integrated pest management, visit:

A comprehensive, easily searchable database from Aarhus County, Denmark, that includes most uses of PVC plastics in health care.

For information on health, environmental and regulatory aspects related to fragrance go to:

The EPA's persistent bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) chemical program includes technical information, resource links, and strategies and action plans for mitigation at:

A downloadable database of dioxin sources can be found at:

More PBT references can be found at:


Ken Grimm