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Seminar #1
Managing Medical Plastics:
A Whole-Systems Strategy Session

January 27, 1999
Harborview Medical Center's Research and Training Building


Welcome: Kinley Deller - King County Solid Waste Division

Introduction: David Stitzhal - Full Circle Environmental
• Brief history of the Medical Industry Waste Prevention Round Table
• Memorandum of Understanding between the EPA and AHA
• Desired outcomes of this seminar and resources available to participants

~ "The goals of this seminar are to identify plastics management challenges at medical facilities and to address these challenges with resources available through the King County Solid Waste Division and the Business and Industry Recycling Venture. " ~

Personal Introductions

Medical Plastics: Summary of the issues (David Stitzhal)

• Different resin types and levels of recyclability
• Single use versus re-use
• Environmental Services separate from Purchasing (including different budgets)
• Trends from reusables to disposables and back again
• Regulatory issues (FDA approval, etc.)

Whole System Solutions: (Viccy Salazar - EPA Region 10)

What this means and how it relates to medical plastics

Medical Product Stewardship (.pdf)

  • Discussion of the pro's and con's of plastics

Case Studies

Seminar case study handout

Break With Refreshments

Brainstorm Session: Identifying your plastic challenges
Discussion: What whole systems solutions can this group develop? Brainstorm and Discussion notes

Items King County Solid Waste Division and the Business and Industry Recycling Venture will be following up on:

  • Blue wrap recycling
  • Pipette tip box take-back/ recycling
  • Determine recyclability of #1 and #2 plastic media containers
  • Expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) recycling
  • Pill bottle recycling