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Paint & Coating Manufacturing (Wet Paints): Background and Overview
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The paint and coatings manufacturing industry produces a variety of products that preserve, protect and beautify the objects to which they are applied. These coatings include:

Architectural Coatings (house paints) - like exterior and interior waterborne latex, exterior and interior solvent-borne paints, architectural lacquers and wood and furniture finishes

Industrial Coatings - like automotive finishes, truck and bus finishes, other transportation (aircraft, railroad) finishes, wood and composition board flat stock finishes, appliance finishes, sheet, strip and coil coatings on metals, metal decorating finishes, machinery and equipment finishes, paper and paperboard coatings, electrical insulating varnishes and magnetic wire coatings

Special Purpose Coatings - like industrial maintenance paints, marine coatings, traffic paints, metallic paints, automobile refinishing coatings, aersosol paints, roof coatings and multi-color paints

Miscellaneous Paint Products - like paints used for graphic and artwork

Most small plants produce paint in 10 to 500 gallon batches. Plants with more than 20 employees produce paint in 200 to 3,000 gallon batches.

This information resource provides environmental and pollution prevention information for facilities that manufacture these coatings.


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