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Environmental Mentoring (Archived, No Longer Updated): Mentoring Challenges
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Background and Overview
Mentoring Strategies
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
Mentoring Challenges
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Challenges and perceived barriers to mentoring can include concerns over liability, cost, competition, belief that no assistance is needed, resource constraints, and sponsorship. A few potential solutions and alternative approaches are presented here to spur interest and participation.

Liability. Some fear that mentees might claim liabilities if a problem develops following mentor advice or assistance. Potential solutions include:

"It's proprietary." "We can't afford to lose any market share." The competition is always a concern. Giving away company or technology secrets, may give competitors an advantage and opportunity for increased market share. This is of special concern in low-profit-margin sectors. Alternative approaches include:

"We don't need help." Some businesses could benefit from mentoring, but are worried it will draw attention to a problem, or raise a regulatory or public relations red flag. Larger companies may assume that because of their size, the role of a mentor may be their only option. Alternative views or solutions include:

"We can't commit the resources right now". Businesses perceive time, staff and money as barriers to mentoring. Potential solutions include:

Credible sponsorship. The Institute for Corporate Environmental Mentoring found that the sponsor of a mentoring program shapes how the program is perceived by mentees and influences the degree of participation by mentees. Therefore, whether the sponsor is a company, government, non-profit, or other, a few ideas include:

Nomenclature. The term "Mentoring" may conjure up negative images of liability, or commitment of too many resources, or additional hierarchies.


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