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Environmental Mentoring (Archived, No Longer Updated): Reasons for Change
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Background and Overview
Mentoring Strategies
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
Mentoring Challenges
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Environmental Mentoring: Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities
Report examines six mentoring programs that have appeared to be beneficial and improved environmenta...

Why Mentor?

Mentoring provides a low-risk, low-cost, and effective mechanism to assist peers and mentees with strategies for achieving better environmental and economical performance. Although benefits to those receiving mentorship, (e.g., the mentees), are more readily apparent than for the mentor, both stand to gain. The industry, surrounding community, and other environmental efforts may also benefit.

Perceived barriers to mentoring can include concerns over liability, competition, resource constraints and perception. Strategies for addressing these barriers are discussed in the "Mentoring - Challenges" section of this topic hub.

Benefits for the Mentee

Mentors with technical and managerial expertise can help mentee companies:

Benefits for the Mentor

Mentors realize benefits such as:

Additional benefits specific to government offices or staff that provide mentorship are:

Benefits to Industry and Environmental Issues

A specific industry sector, or environmental initiative (e.g., The Global Reporting Initiative) reaps benefits from mentoring. Benefits include:


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