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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Environmental Results Management Systems: Moving from Planning to Action by Measuring What Counts [PDF]
Abstract: Guidance for agencies, based on the Plan-Do-Check-Adopt model, to help in planning, decision-making, and measurement.
Source: Green Mountain Institute

Essential EH&S Software
Abstract: A comprehensive (and expensive) industrial hygiene and environmental data system developed and primarily used by the process industry, especially multi-location companies.
Source: Essential Technologies

National Environmental Performance Track
Abstract: A voluntary program to incentivise and motivate businesses by rewarding top environmental performance for organizations that have implemented EMS and have shown measurable results.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Nortel's Environmental Performance Index (EPI)
Abstract: Nortel's EPI is calculated annually, and provides a single overall rating of the corporation's performance against its stated goals. The EPI involves 25 parameters, each weighted according to criteria such as environmental impact and degree of risk.
Source: Nortel


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