Case Studies

Art Brass Plating – Seattle, WA

Asko Processing – Seattle, WA

Water usage did not change when 36 process tanks and rinse tanks were added. This was due to better bath maintenance and the installation of conductivity probes.

ELDEC Corp. – Martha Lake, WA

ELDEC Corporation, an aerospace electronics manufacturing facility with locations in Bothell and Martha Lake recently installed a conductivity flow control meter in their irridite plating line. The installation was strategically placed on the rinse tank that had the highest flow. This small capital investment combined with employee training helped the company achieve a 25% reduction in water usage.

Hytek Finishes – Everett, WA

100 percent of wastewater is recycled through an ion exchange treatment system and strict operating procedures.

Northwest Etch Technology Inc. – Tacoma, WA

Northwest Etch improved equipment maintenance, incorporated air knives, pinch rollers, parts holders and other new technologies. They reduced their dragout waste by 60%, saving $14,000 a year in disposal costs alone.

Pioneer Industries – Seattle, WA

Pioneer was able to reduce water use 60% by installing conductivity sensors in their rinse baths.

Smith Chrome Plating – Walla Walla, WA

Reduced more than 90 percent of their water use by recycling cooling waters.