Washington State

Department of Ecology Project

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Metal Finishers

    SIC: 3471-3479
    NAICS: 3328XX, 3399XX

Aerospace-parts Manufacturers

    SIC 3721-3729
    NAICS: 3364XX

Circuit-Board Manufacturers

    SIC: 3671-3699
    NAICS: 3333XX, 3344XX, 3359XX, 3363XX


A non-enforcement project designed to help your company reduce the amount of water used, wastewater produced, and hazardous sludge generated.
Offer ideas for the conservation of energy and process chemicals.


Background: 2000 – 2002
Workshop: May 15, 2002
Implementation: ASAP



The ideas in this document are a good faith effort to assist the listed industries in resource conservation. The findings are based on the best available information and application of technical knowledge. Neither the Washington State Department of Ecology nor its employees guarantee the accuracy or completeness of these ideas and opportunities. It is the responsibility of the company to verify the information given, and make process and business decisions based on their own analysis. All external links were current as of May 20, 2002. If you have problems please contact the Ecology.